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A scrip dividend alternative will not be offered for the 2013/14 interim dividend.

Therefore, all shareholders who have previously elected to join the scrip dividend scheme will receive a cash payment by cheque or direct to their bank/building society account.

Existing scrip elections will remain in place and will apply to future dividends for which a scrip alternative is offered. It is intended that a scrip dividend option will be offered with the 2013/14 final dividend. In accordance with the scrip dividend scheme terms and conditions, you can cancel your scrip election by contacting Capita Asset Services.

Unclaimed dividend payments

Have you recently received a letter about unclaimed dividend payments from Capita?

This is not a scam. National Grid have appointed Capita Asset Services, the registrar for National Grid plc, to help contact you and assist you in claiming the outstanding dividend payments to which you are entitled. This dividend reunification service offered by Capita is voluntary and there are some frequently asked questions on the letter which you may find helpful.
We would encourage you to claim your entitlement as set out in the letter.

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